sulli’s red light teaser pics

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Waiting for BIGBANG Meme: 1/? Favorite performances 

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DID YOU READ THE HOST? now i love you even more, that book is amazing, Meyer did an amazing job with that book. Also the movie was perfect *thanks to the movie i fell in love with Imagine Dragons and now they're one of my fav bands <3*

Yeah , i’m reading it for the 2nd time :) ahahah yes, she did an amazing job, i have always loved all her books. believe it or not, back in the days i was a twilight freak xDDD I read all the twilight sequel and then the host came and it was mind blowing. I really love the history, my fav character is deffo Melanie (tho she’s “dead” ). 

Imagine Dragons are great :OOOO They give chills, deffo one of the best bands out there!!! 

love you 2 <3 

hun dw! just because you don't like them doesnt mean youre a hater! youre just neutral to them? :)

Idk, maybe i’m just in denial about them because f(x)… I’m gonna wait for more musics of them or mv’s… They’re cute but everytime I hear happiness my ears bleed, I just dont get the song.

thanks tho <3


Ω Favorite Book

Atm it’s The Host by Stephenie Meyer


i swear to the lord that i’m trying to find something to love red velvet


Why is she wearing cheetah it’s not even summer - my chemistry teacher who is a guy

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dear cas