My favorite lyrics: Lydia Paek - '눈,코,입(Eyes, Nose, Lips)' Cover

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.:: Oh, the heavy snow, please do not erase 

the traces of our past ::.

— 吴亦凡 《时间煮雨 // 小时代3 OST》

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i just downloaded tiny time ost and i’m sobbing as hell because I don’t know if I should join it to my exo’s music file or if i should create just one file for kris

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mix#6 : a mix of some upbeat/dance songs by yg family -  [listen]
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YG Family cover project 003 Lydia   |Eyes, Nose Lips Cover|

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Taeyang x First Look

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(painful) Armwrestling with EXO

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Dara on MV’s - Clap Your Hands
dear cas